Beauty Salon Operator, Minneapolis
Operate and manage the Becketwood beauty and hair salon through a contractual agreement...

Posted 12-08-21

POSITION TITLE: Beauty Salon Operator (contracted position)

REPORTS TO: Executive Manager/Member Services Coordinator

Operate and manage the Becketwood beauty and hair salon through a contractual agreement. Provided services are negotiable but may include shampooing, cutting, coloring, and styling hair, massaging and treating scalp. Meet the needs of this senior cooperative population. Hire staff as appropriate to provide necessary services

Work Intensity:

Active.  This position requires standing 100% of the time.

Primary Duties: 

  1. Possess a Salon Owner/Operator License in Minnesota and be in good standing with the MN Department of Health
  2. Manage and operate Becketwood salon for senior population
  3. Schedule appointments appropriately and maintain calendar
  4. Provide requested salon services related to hair and nails for men and women
  5. Sanitize work tools and work area and equipment per license requirements

Secondary Duties:

  1. Analyze client’s hair and other physical features to determine and recommend style and treatment.
  2. Prepare price list for annual approval.
  3. Clean salon spaces including floors and interior of windows.
  4. Supervise and manage staff including payment, benefits (if appropriate), training needs, etc.


  1. Demonstrated people and organizational skills.
  2. Reliable.
  3. Authorize and pass a criminal history background investigation.
  4. Knowledge on how to run a business.
  5. Demonstrated communication skills.
  6. Ability to maintain professional relationship with clients and Becketwood staff.

Send cover letter and resume to Deborah Richman, Executive Manager at: