Care Provider, Orono
The Care Provider provides personalized care and service; uphold the philosophy of assisted living, and well being of the residents...

Posted 06-10-20

The Care Provider provides personalized care and service; uphold the philosophy of assisted living, and well being of the residents. He/she supports our residents by providing personal care, housekeeping, culinary services and resident activities. The CP will utilize the principles of choice, respect for individuality, dignity, privacy and independence when caring for our residents. He/she works with all members of the team and is expected to be aware of changes in the residents’ health or mental status.


  • 1 year experience working with older adults, preferably in providing some personal care.
  • Knowledge of healthcare, dementia care and/or aging issues.
  • Promoted independence, not dependence, with residents offering choices and fostering self-help skills.
  • Must understand and communicate using specialized medical terminology.

For further job requirements see our website.

Date to be determined, please call for information.

Please Mail Resumes To: Stonebay Senior Living
Attn: Jennifer Ensign, Executive Director
1850 W Wayzata Blvd., Long Lake, MN 55350

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